6 months down the line …

still here in NZ :kiwi:
it has taken some getting used to all things considered – but one house move (to a non – leaky building!) and a change of job situation later its slowly but surely beginning to click (sighs of relief from My Beloved :kissy:) just have to begin the process to renew permit to stay here :frighten:

‘Life IS a rollercoaster ‘ as Ronan Keating sang … :nolisten:
but am better strapped in than I was …

Renewed my acquaintence with Rotorua at the weekend :joyful: :ecstatic: :blushing: :wink: and slept like I haven’t in yonks plus ages … :sleepy:

Have been taking Italian lessons ‘Molto bene’ :bye: and will continue next term along side creative writing :wills:

Have just finished the latest Marian Keyes :tea: ‘This Charming Man’ (had to find a copy of the song to play!!!!) :girlpow:
Again another phenomenal piece of writing from Ms Keyes who gets right inside my head and emotions to such an extent I grow more and more convinced she follows me around with a note book :udontsay:
Slightly darker theme than previously but she has a way with words that leaves you feeling empowered (and hugged :grouphug:)
might have to re read all her books again (again) to pass the time until the next one …

am joining a book group too – now I’m almost back to normal (whatever that may mean :purpbleh:) I think its about time I started making the most of it!! :party:

Might even get back to blogging …. :pcwhack:

:bye: for now