6 weeks 2 Days …

still alive …!! :udontsay:
Been on a bit of a roller coaster ride
:depress: :eyeroll: :vgloomy: :hmmph: :pray: :brngiton: :shock:

but think have come out of the last hole for

:dance: I HAVE A JOB!!!! :dance:

After being a contender fro Miss Rejection 2007 I will be taking up a position at My Beloved’s :kissy: Mum’s old primary school in Feb – doing literacy :stage:

Relief is tangible!!!

In other news the great Leaky Building Sorting out programme has started! So am now living in a building site with reduced parking – just like the place I left to come here!!! :duh-oh:

and I know know why Crowded House sang about ‘Four Seasons in One Day ‘ – though sometimes its more like in an hour!!! :beam:

At the moment we’re fluctuating from blue skies and sunshine to wild wet and windy via a kind of hot mugginess you usually only find in a sauna!!! :eyebrow:

And somewhere in all this madness Christmas is going to happen – poor Old Santa will have to get rid of his big thick coat and boots cos he’ll melt!!!!
My brain can’t quite adjust to it even though there’s deco’s and trees around … but in the sort of weather I associate with July!!!!!

no :snoglobe: this year!!!

It does strange things to you being held upside down with only the magnets in your feet holding you on … well thats what My Beloved :squeeze: tells me (about the magnets – not the madness!!! I think!!!! :rotfl:)

Going even further south to Christchurch for Chrimble … and even though its nearer Penguin Land (also known as Antartica!) it will apparently get warmer – singlet and shorts and shades for Santa then!!! :checkout:

well now life has a bit more :libra: in it I think I will try to relax and get to know my newly adopted country :kiwi: a bit better

:bye: for now