A chink of light at the end of the tunnel…

Well there has been some movement in my quest to go sit on the deck of the Passion Palace :daydream: My Beloved :luvstruk: has aqcuired for us :thumbsup:

All my info is now on its way to Immigration NZ at NZ House in London :kiwi:
:pray: Please look kindly on it and clear the way for me to go make fried bread for My Darling :hungry: …….. :pray:

My qualification verification came through too – but my name was spelt wrongly so that’s had to go back ….:noway:

I’ve got some boxes to start packing – not a job I’m looking forward to – its going to be so hard to decide what to leave … but rest assured nothing cute, cuddly or furry will be left behind :biggrin: (Even though I’m going to the Cutest Cuddliest Furriest (unless he’s had a shave! :wink: ) of them all … :kissy: )

Its a Bank Holiday Weekend – so its an extra day without the dear children :dance: but still plenty to do – and its not as if the weather is providing an excuse not to get stuck in – need to keep moving to keep warm!!! :confused:

Not mentioning the rugby – I think I’m the jinx this year – I’ve only seen 2 televised games and we’ve lost both :evil: but we are in a much better position than we were this time last year …

Right time for some Corri before My Beloved rings :phone: :ilove: :kiss4u: :squeeze:

:bye: 4 now :wave:

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