A REAL Honour


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

recognition in Queenie’s birthday honours for someone who I have always admired – his temperament, attitude and committment is something oh so rare these days – the kind of sporting role model you wish more kids would follow – as well as being a thoroughly nice guy (and cute! but not as cute as My Beloved obviously !!) as well :wink:

The brightest piece of news this week …

still waiting for the red tape to unravel … had flash floods yesterday (a months rain in about ten minutes it seems!!) but hh still stands :depress: – though the rain did get in in some new places but not enough to prevent next weeks visitation by people with clip boards :beam:

I wanted the end of my teaching career to be a happy experience :teach: doing the things I love like :wills: and :romeo: and :stage: … but instead I’m working harder than I’ve ever done doing the job of 3 (at least!!!) for a boss who won’t wake up and smell the :coffee: and deal with the weakest links while he has the chance … please can I have an ostrich ‘smilie’? cos thats him!!!!!!

Sorry taking a breath … promise …

The romantic plans of being swept away to NZ :kiwi: in the arms of My Beloved :kiss: have crashed and burned :waaahh: – but he’s still coming over – to stop me giving the boss a ‘leaving pressie’ :beatup: and a few others a piece of my mind :angry: …
So only another 4 and a bit weeks til I get a ‘Murraycuddle’ (TM) :squeeze: and then hopefully I’ll be following him back in a few weeks …

Party has been organised tho :dance: by My Littlest Little Sis :applause: Ta Chuck!
I just want fizzy wine and dancing … :2drunk:

* (of course you know what MBE stands for … Mags Best ‘Ero !!! :biglaff: )

:bye: 4 now

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