And away we go….

Logging in from the first stop on my journey to paradise :kiss:
Its been quite a week and a bit from the emptying of the house :silly: to the sale finally going through :jackpot: to the innumerable variations on packing and extra packages being sent over :blush:

Sitting on the train yesterday – I decided to travel First class :shock: because I needed the space to put my luggage! – it all felt surreal :confused:
Its actually happening …
I had a lovely send off :british: :support: felt like a celeb …

The fact you get free refreshments brought to your seat and that the ticket man didn’t come to check the ticket so I wasn’t given the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ it more than made up for the last few journey’s to London I’ve done when I’ve either had to stand up or perch on my case or even sit on the floor!!! :shock:

I may literally be the other side of the world :kiwi: but all this technology will make it seem as if I’m still there – can’t get rid of me that easily! :lol:

Just need to repack my case – again :roflma: and then its off to the airport Tuesday :fly:
:bye: for now

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