And so its 2008

My life has never been straight forward – I may give the impression of being all together, confident, one who nothing or no one can get the better of – well thats been well and truly exposed as a sham in 2007.

Just as we were thinking all that could be thrown at us had been My Dad died suddenly on December 17th.

Luckily was able to get flight back to UK almost immediately – and My Beloved came too.

Still too numb and not quite taking it in to deal with it really – added to which we both caught a nasty chesty fluy bug which is still lingering and in the very muggy heat of Auckland doesn’t seem to be shifting too quickly.
We arrived back yesterday (8th) and I thought I was breathing in an oven!

So 2007 the year which promised so much – delivered a bit but also left its mark in lots of not very happy ways for me.

Hope it was better for you – and looking at it as best I can there’s not much more 2008 can do to make me feel worse really – so in the words of D:ream ‘Things can only get better’

Which I hope and pray they do …