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30 Day Challenge … for me …

So to de-rust the creative writing synapses which have been on hiatus whilst I was busy studying and writing in a much more formal academic way (which is a slow form of torture for me at times) I am setting myself a thirty day challenge to write something everyday …

It may be nonsense … it may be meaningless to everyone except me … but it may just be the first step on the next leg of the journey …

Happy New Year!

So here it is 2017 ….

This is the year where I want to change my thoughts into actions, my creativity into use and to inspire as I have been inspired.

As a result of working with Melissa Williams Pope as part of her amazing Dream and Prep Your Book Experience ( I have decided to dip my toe in the world of the written word once again.

The title From There to Here is my working title for the collection of writings I am putting together here which cover my journey both physical and emotional from where I was to where I am now.

Some pieces have already been written – some need revision or rewriting – and I have ideas for some new  – you’ll find them appearing on the page Thoughts and Fancies while I keep this front part for just general rambling and wittering.

I hope you’ll join me!

Corner may have been turned …

don’t want to speak too soon – but things are looking a whole lot better!!! :getiton:

First I have a car!!! :skate: A lovely green brum brum – which is timely as…

I have a job!! :teach:
I actually had the offer of 2!!! (But had to choose one which was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard!!! :sjump: because they both are in great schools and offer me new opportunities :brilidea:

but I start term 3 – which is still a bit of time away …

plenty of time to play hostess to My :luvstruk: Beloved’s Mum who is coming up for a visit :starry: which I’m really looking forward to.

And my visa has been extended without ANY fuss :kiwi: – in a record time of 2 weeks – (well compared to last year’s 6 month effort!!!) and I have my passport back in my hot little hand … :whew:

Sadly my creative writing class was cancelled :srazz: – only 2 of us enrolled – so that’s a bit disappointing …

But I still have the reading group to look forward to … the book for this month is Dry by Augusten Burroughs -his memoirs of being in rehab and recovery from alcoholism – not a preachy dull book but funny and sad and thought provoking – I know when I’m ‘in’ to a book cos I read it in the ‘voice’ of someone I know – and both books I’ve read by this author (I also read Magical Thinking a book of short autobiographical ‘stories’ – which I thought was funnier!!) were read in the voice of someone I knew from way back who had alsorts of delusions of grandeur even at a young age!!! And who I could imagine going down a similar life path to Augusten as an adult … :coffee:

Went to see the new Indiana Jones – great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – but was made extra special cos we had a ‘Gold Class Experience’ :thumbsup:
The seats reclined, and had foot rests and were wider than normal … and as we were on the front row it was like being on a sofa in front of the biggest TV you could have in your own lounge … :ohgoon:

I fear I may never be able to go back to just sitting up right at the cinema … :biggrin: :rotf: it was way :saycool:

:bye: for now

6 months down the line …

still here in NZ :kiwi:
it has taken some getting used to all things considered – but one house move (to a non – leaky building!) and a change of job situation later its slowly but surely beginning to click (sighs of relief from My Beloved :kissy:) just have to begin the process to renew permit to stay here :frighten:

‘Life IS a rollercoaster ‘ as Ronan Keating sang … :nolisten:
but am better strapped in than I was …

Renewed my acquaintence with Rotorua at the weekend :joyful: :ecstatic: :blushing: :wink: and slept like I haven’t in yonks plus ages … :sleepy:

Have been taking Italian lessons ‘Molto bene’ :bye: and will continue next term along side creative writing :wills:

Have just finished the latest Marian Keyes :tea: ‘This Charming Man’ (had to find a copy of the song to play!!!!) :girlpow:
Again another phenomenal piece of writing from Ms Keyes who gets right inside my head and emotions to such an extent I grow more and more convinced she follows me around with a note book :udontsay:
Slightly darker theme than previously but she has a way with words that leaves you feeling empowered (and hugged :grouphug:)
might have to re read all her books again (again) to pass the time until the next one …

am joining a book group too – now I’m almost back to normal (whatever that may mean :purpbleh:) I think its about time I started making the most of it!! :party:

Might even get back to blogging …. :pcwhack:

:bye: for now

And so its 2008

My life has never been straight forward – I may give the impression of being all together, confident, one who nothing or no one can get the better of – well thats been well and truly exposed as a sham in 2007.

Just as we were thinking all that could be thrown at us had been My Dad died suddenly on December 17th.

Luckily was able to get flight back to UK almost immediately – and My Beloved came too.

Still too numb and not quite taking it in to deal with it really – added to which we both caught a nasty chesty fluy bug which is still lingering and in the very muggy heat of Auckland doesn’t seem to be shifting too quickly.
We arrived back yesterday (8th) and I thought I was breathing in an oven!

So 2007 the year which promised so much – delivered a bit but also left its mark in lots of not very happy ways for me.

Hope it was better for you – and looking at it as best I can there’s not much more 2008 can do to make me feel worse really – so in the words of D:ream ‘Things can only get better’

Which I hope and pray they do …

6 weeks 2 Days …

still alive …!! :udontsay:
Been on a bit of a roller coaster ride
:depress: :eyeroll: :vgloomy: :hmmph: :pray: :brngiton: :shock:

but think have come out of the last hole for

:dance: I HAVE A JOB!!!! :dance:

After being a contender fro Miss Rejection 2007 I will be taking up a position at My Beloved’s :kissy: Mum’s old primary school in Feb – doing literacy :stage:

Relief is tangible!!!

In other news the great Leaky Building Sorting out programme has started! So am now living in a building site with reduced parking – just like the place I left to come here!!! :duh-oh:

and I know know why Crowded House sang about ‘Four Seasons in One Day ‘ – though sometimes its more like in an hour!!! :beam:

At the moment we’re fluctuating from blue skies and sunshine to wild wet and windy via a kind of hot mugginess you usually only find in a sauna!!! :eyebrow:

And somewhere in all this madness Christmas is going to happen – poor Old Santa will have to get rid of his big thick coat and boots cos he’ll melt!!!!
My brain can’t quite adjust to it even though there’s deco’s and trees around … but in the sort of weather I associate with July!!!!!

no :snoglobe: this year!!!

It does strange things to you being held upside down with only the magnets in your feet holding you on … well thats what My Beloved :squeeze: tells me (about the magnets – not the madness!!! I think!!!! :rotfl:)

Going even further south to Christchurch for Chrimble … and even though its nearer Penguin Land (also known as Antartica!) it will apparently get warmer – singlet and shorts and shades for Santa then!!! :checkout:

well now life has a bit more :libra: in it I think I will try to relax and get to know my newly adopted country :kiwi: a bit better

:bye: for now

9 days wonder

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