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The story so far …

Taking a small breather in what’s become my whirlwind life :nolisten:
Paperwork and red tape are the dominant features of what’s going on at the moment and its making this bunny far from happy – between lesson plans, targets, intervention inspectors, meetings to plan meetings :eyeroll: having to work in some very stressful circumstances :nuke: and the long drawn out process thats involved in just trying to escape from it all :depress: – mostly waiting for other people to deal with things :please: and send me information :vgloomy: I’m not really full of the joys of anything at the moment…

All I want is to be with My Beloved :kiss: and to be living in the gorgeous apartment he’s found for us … :bighug:
sitting on our deck watching the world go by :litlsigh:

People keep telling me I’ll soon be there – wish I could see beyond the mountain that school has become … I might believe them then! :yeahrite:

Yes am in real ‘Woe is me mode’ – its my hormones apparently :roll: – but I know a real easy way to cure me … :teehee:

:bye: for now

And we’re back!

:phone: Well the nightmare of the crackling phone is over!!!! :applause:

For the last 3 weeks have had the most horrendous telephone connection – hissing spitting and crackling like something possessed – bouncing me off the internet if it would even let me connect … :ranting:
I did report it 4 times to be told that the line was ok (they test it remotely) and it could be my equipment – so one new handset and internet cable later they eventually sent out an engineer who replaced the whole wire from the pole to the house … wonder if I can claim for the new handset … well they would have charged me if it wasn’t their fault :soapbox:

still its fixed now – I feel like I’ve got broadband – and it sounds as if My Beloved is next to me (wish he was :kissy:) instead of 12 000 miles away …

Other than that life goes on …

The Super League season has started :support: but so much for it being a ‘Summer’ sport – last week my boys lost in a snow storm :snoglobe: The new imports from Lands Down Under :kiwi: must have wondered which planet they’d landed on!

And last night they ground out a win on the French Riviera … by playing ‘water ‘rugby – My On The Spot Reporter said it was raining so much :vgloomy: there was a ‘swimming pool’ in one corner of the pitch !! Good job our captain had packed his trunks and water wings to save the day!!! :sjumplol:

Somethings never change ….
:bye: for now

Catch Up!!!

The story so far…
Dynamic Daring Deputy Head :beam: is caught in a power struggle between the Evil Education Empire :flames: :skull: and their thirst for numbers and the need to stick knowledge in the heads of the ‘Yuff’ of today!
Meanwhile the Handsome Hero :drool: has been transported back to his homeland with a promise to return to rescue his one truelove ….

AND THEN I WOKE UP …. :rotf:

Having just had another fantastic 5 weeks with My Gorgeous Darling :skiss: it was back to earth with a bump this week as the ‘powers that be’ :ranting: did a bit of a visit so I haven’t really had time to sit and write til now …

We had a great time in York and found not only Vikings but Romans and a few ghosts too …
We did one of the famed York Ghost Walks which was excellent fun – especially when I got picked out to be the ‘assistant’ :stage: my thespianism to the fore once again :winking:

Then we survived the high winds of the M62 to get to God’s Own County (the REAL one with the RED Rose :rose:) and My Beloved was introduced to MY social history going down t’pits and seeing the World Famous Wigan Pier (though it was too windy for the funfair to be out that day :chuckle: – but I did get him some Wigan Rock!!! )

Also caught up with a few people – and met the priest who christened me … :priest: :shock:

then it was back to work for me :srazz:

but we did manage a visit to the cinema to see Miss Potter – so sad but Rene Z has such mannish hands! (sorry Rene!) and a wonderful dinner out :hungry: before despite me pleas and emails and phone calls I had to put My Beloved on a plane home :kiwi: :howl:

thats not the end of the story … as I type all my qualifications are on a desk somewhere in Wellington NZ being checked out, I will be making a ‘declaration of interest’ (as soon as I find a copy of my birth certificate :doh:) and am expecting that about the 15th of July my Beloved :kiss: will be coming to ‘fetch’ me to carry me off on his white charger (or boeing 747 or what ever it is Emirates fly :fly:) back to NZ so that we can begin our new life together …. :slove:

:bye: for now

Happy 2007

Ok so I’m a week late! :boing:
But I’ve been busy!!! :lol:

We saw the New Year in unexpectedly in Gloucester at my sister’s because of the nasty weather :depress: but it was good fun cos it gave My Beloved :luvstruk: a chance to impress la Famille with his XPSPBox (sic) skills via his magic thumbs :thumbsup: :udontsay: and certainly won friends and influenced people :grouphug: which is not surprising really as he’s a total sweetheart :twinkle: :kissy: :squeeze:

Went to :kiwi: NZ :kiwi: House Thursday to see if they’ll let me in the country and were seen by another set of twinkling Kiwi eyes (they all have em I tell ya!! :wink: ) really just confirmed what we knew – get the paperwork done and wait – possibly for 4 months!!! :srazz:
We then did a small tour of London – using the map in my head!!! Maybe I should try out for ‘The Knowledge’ :lol:
Had dinner in a really lovely little Italian restaurant too … :cupidbow:

Friday was the annual 12th Night Bash at Heather’s where My Beloved :roseopen: was initiated into the Hope Whistling Orchestra :whistlen: (on tour at a venue near you soon!!! :rotf: ) – my craziness :razz: doesn’t seem to be so crazy anymore :wink:

Last night :sherlok: and me went to a murder mystery dinner entitled ‘Malice in Wonderland’ which was as mad as it sounds :lol: – we identified the murderer and almost got all the reasons why :eyebrow: – but did provide the actors with a new idea to add to the script for next time :stage:

Today we’re about to head off to find us some Vikings … :kickass:

:bye: for now

Merry Belated Yuletides Folks!!!

:snoglobe: Happy Festives !!!

Yes I’m still here!!!
And so is Himself :kiwi: :twinkle: :cldnine:

Just had things to do like mega chest infections, school plays, school inspections to panic about and arrivals of beloveds to prepare for …

Still the dust is sort of settling :witsend:

Jet lag is finally being got over :yawn:
Coughing is in phases rather than constant :flu:
and the fog that was lingering has gone …

And my site is 1 year old!!! :stage:

And what a year it has been :jackpot:
and hopefully is just the start!!!

Spent Christmas Day with Nana Dot and 2 R’s, Asbo Freddie and My Beloved :squeeze: being all traditional and British :british: – Christmas in the sun is going to take some getting used to!

Boxing Day we went to see Happy Feet – and I was in Penguin Heaven :kissy:

Today is a relax then tomorrow a trip to London …
will try to keep more up to date …

:bye: 4 now

Gunpowder, treason and plot …

43 days to go :kiwi: :twinkle:

Yes I’m still alive!! :lol:
and still at the hh :soooo:

Just been mad crazy busy!:daydream:

Title refers not to the Tri Nations victory over Australia this morning (though I do know someone with ‘suspicions’ !!!! :swhistle: ) but to the fact its firework ‘month’…
The 5th Novemeber used to be the night for lighting up the sky but its been going on for 3 weeks already and who knows when it will stop! :ranting: I don’t mind the pretty colours and lights BUT I do mind the bangs which seem to get louder each year … think I’m turning into a ranty old woman – I object to my windows rattling with the bangs – especially the way the world is these days!

Have become re addicted to Strictly Come Dancing on the telly – tonight is the Vienesse Waltz and the Salsa 2 dances I’d love to have a go at but can’t seem to persuade ‘Anyone’ to become my Fred Astaire … (must be losing my charm!! :bateyes: ) … still might distract me from the bangy bangs!

And so the Aussies have been defeated in their own back yard ! I was there when they got turned over at the JJB in 04 – only for a completely different team to show up for the final and run away with it …
I only heard the first half on the radio – and it won’t be on tv til tomorrow – but as ever I’m not convinced until I’m told to start warming up my vocal cords …
(speaking of which who was that trying to put a little bit of RnB into God Save the Queen???)
There was a spate of ‘shopping bags’ (the blokes involved were a bit too big for ‘handbags’ ) but the ref bottled out – I bet they don’t show the scrap on the BBC – and didn’t send the main antagonist to go have first turn of the bubble bath !!

Actually that sounds like a good idea …
so I’ll love you and leave you and go for a soak :haloangl:

:bye: for now

Life in the semi static lane …

70 days to go :kiwi: :twinkle:

Thought I’d better touch base as it were as haven’t posted in a while – and as its a s- l- o- w Sunday afternoon its something to do … :huh:

Well apart from becoming another year older 2 weeks ago :party: and gaining a pair of specs :nerd: and surviving the week from hell running the hh last week :nuke: not alot has happened in My Glamorous Life :yawn:

Infact its been far from glam – yes its that ‘needs a kick up the backside’ black hole that exists between birthday and Christmas … and the clocks haven’t gone back yet here!!! :litlsigh:

Need some excitment – but of the right kind :witsend:

:bye: 4 now

Lows and Highs

99 days to go :kiwi: :twinkle:

Well added to the downer of being back at work I came home Thursday to find my dining room window put through and some toe rags had swiped some of my dvds and my camera and printer :nuke:

Apart from the inconvenience of having to clear up enough glass to make 2 windows (and I’m still finding it! :mad:) I take heart in that it was not as bad as when I was ‘done over’ before (about 10 years ago) – I haven’t got much and what I have isn’t really valuable except to me …
I’m puzzled as to a) what was taken – cos they left stuff they could have got more money for and b) that my house has been empty for 4 weeks but they came after I was back … (my sister :sherlok: thinks it could be some kid I’ve ‘upset’ at school in the past so waited til they knew I’d be out all day …)
CSI didn’t use ultra violet or lasers :dunno: – but I did have my prints taken :shock: – I asked if the GB police has a data base like CODIS on CSI – we do but its not as good as theirs – and the way they can find a perp from a partial is alittle bit stretching it apparently … :chuckle:

My house now has extra locks!!!

The high’s come about because on Friday thanks to Salford – and in particular an ex Wigan player – My Warriors have performed ‘The Great Escape’ :boing:
having lain at the bottom of the league where ‘THAT man’ took us we are now mathematically safe from relegation!!! :dance: :boing:

Off to the London game to join the party – I will be wearing my well travelled Great Escape Tshirt (an idea Barb had and everyone loved so much – she’s taken part of the credits from the film and changed the names to the teams … its pretty cool – even some of the players have been presented with them … :lol:) – I took mine to NZ hoping to wear it there but they waited for me to come home …

There is going to be much playing of the theme tune on kazoo’s this afternoon too … and of course I’m joining in!!!! :rotf:
Better go take my asthma sprays to make sure I have enough puff …

:bye: 4 now

So I’m home …

Well despite cars with dodgey batteries, security checks galore, a very cramped and turbulant flight from Singapore to Heathrow and 3 days of jet lag :sleepy: here I am back where I started … :saddy:

School in the morning – not relishing the prospect – as soon as I walked through the doors I felt I’d never been away :howl:

I’ve had the most wonderful time :applause: met loads of lovely people :grouphug: gathered lots of brilliant memories :kiwi: and its all down to one person …
My Very Lovely Murray :kissy: :twinkle: :kissy:
Thank you My Darling :kissy:

so where do we go from here?

Watch this space !!!! :wooh:

Day 28 The Warriors

Very torn today … :gloom:
on the one hand going to see live rugby :wyay: but on the other hand its my last day :wbigsigh:

The rugby was great – fab seats right behind the team (they don’t have dug outs like at the JJB) the sun shone and The Warriors served up a feast of tries … they should have had more but for the ref … :eyebrow:
He’s just as bad as he was here … yes I spent my last afternoon watching Russell Smith!!! :shock: (he used to ref the rugby games here til he went down under!!)

The Warriors are sponsored by Vodafone who gave out big cardboard hands to wave … unfortunately it was too big to put in my case … but it might arrive by other means … would be very useful during derby games at the JJB!!! :support:

It was a great atmosphere – tho I’m not sure it was Murray’s :coffee: but me and Marg had a ball :support:
And I got my pic taken with the only other English man in the stadium (i think!) Adrian Morely ..GB forward who should have signed for Wigan but decided for some mad reason to go to Warrington!! :srazz:
‘You’re a long way from home!’ he said spotting me Wigan hoops :lol:
Bet he wished he was coming home with me cos the Roosters (his team) got trounced!!!!

After one last NZ fish and chips and some pics with Buster it was time to head off … only for Murray’s car not to start … :eek:
Talk about omens …

but seeing as I’m typing this on my own computer it didn’t have the ending it will in the film!!! :stage: