Corner may have been turned …

don’t want to speak too soon – but things are looking a whole lot better!!! :getiton:

First I have a car!!! :skate: A lovely green brum brum – which is timely as…

I have a job!! :teach:
I actually had the offer of 2!!! (But had to choose one which was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard!!! :sjump: because they both are in great schools and offer me new opportunities :brilidea:

but I start term 3 – which is still a bit of time away …

plenty of time to play hostess to My :luvstruk: Beloved’s Mum who is coming up for a visit :starry: which I’m really looking forward to.

And my visa has been extended without ANY fuss :kiwi: – in a record time of 2 weeks – (well compared to last year’s 6 month effort!!!) and I have my passport back in my hot little hand … :whew:

Sadly my creative writing class was cancelled :srazz: – only 2 of us enrolled – so that’s a bit disappointing …

But I still have the reading group to look forward to … the book for this month is Dry by Augusten Burroughs -his memoirs of being in rehab and recovery from alcoholism – not a preachy dull book but funny and sad and thought provoking – I know when I’m ‘in’ to a book cos I read it in the ‘voice’ of someone I know – and both books I’ve read by this author (I also read Magical Thinking a book of short autobiographical ‘stories’ – which I thought was funnier!!) were read in the voice of someone I knew from way back who had alsorts of delusions of grandeur even at a young age!!! And who I could imagine going down a similar life path to Augusten as an adult … :coffee:

Went to see the new Indiana Jones – great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – but was made extra special cos we had a ‘Gold Class Experience’ :thumbsup:
The seats reclined, and had foot rests and were wider than normal … and as we were on the front row it was like being on a sofa in front of the biggest TV you could have in your own lounge … :ohgoon:

I fear I may never be able to go back to just sitting up right at the cinema … :biggrin: :rotf: it was way :saycool:

:bye: for now