G’day from Sunny Auckland!

:kiwi: :dance: :kiwi: :dance: :kiwi:

Yes I’m here!!!!!!! :salljump:

arrived safely 10.46 a.m Thursday 25th October 2007 – to brilliant blue skies and sunshine!
(and a rather gorgous man!! :kissy: )

It was the end of a l-o-n-g journey that began way way back in January …

Didn’t leave the UK :british: without a hitch though :eyeroll: that wouldbeen too easy!

We left for Heathrow with plenty of time – only to be turffed off the Tube at Acton Town and told to get on another line for a couple of stops and then the Heathrow Connect train because of a security alert! :worried:

So me and backpack, my dad with my mega case which has been packed – unpacked- repacked etc etc hundreds of times in last 2 weeks cos I was paranoid I wouldn’t fit everything in, two sisters , a neice and a pushchair all got off (with the other couple of hundred people!) the tube to stand and wait for the connecting train which was then so mega packed there was no way anyone could move easily – so much so that the announcement ‘Please have your tickets ready for inspection’ was greeted with laughter … they don’t employ people who can levitate in the British transport industry!!! :smug:
I guess it was just their way of saying ‘goodbye’ after giving me a treat last Saturday!!!:tlk2hand:

Any hoo – the clock was ticking – had to book in by 7.30 p.m. – at 7.29 p.m. I was sticking my mega case on the scales :shock: (If all had gone to plan we would have been there with time to spare for a drink!)
Very ‘nice’ man booked me in – two window seats (and my 27kg case!!! Even travelling business I have to push it almost to the limit!!!!!)

We then looked at the queue to go through security :eek: almost stretched back to central London!!! Even the fasttrack one for peeps like me – so decided to join it which meant farewells were shorter … which was possibly no bad thing … or I might not be here now typing this :type:

Was thoroughly checked – my bargain plastic ‘airbag’ for carrying the ‘liquids’ was brill – even went through gate without it buzzing – which for me is a first! :shock: (Maybe they’d heard about me and my boots in Poland!!! :lol: ) – but they are getting canny – just when you think the duty free shops are within your reach you get stopped again ! To take your shoes off to be checked!!!:???:
(and the opportunity to stand on something that hurt your foot – dunno what it was but luckily for them won’t be suing this time!! :twisted:)

Then it was hey lads hey to the ‘lounge’ which after all the hustle and bustle of the previous 3 hours was an oasis of calm :wbigsigh:

Nice cool drink – a few texts – then it was up to the departure gate and onboard …

I had a bed!!! :thumbsup: (well a seat that converted into one! :lol:)
and I was upstairs!!!! – and at the front !!!!!!! :scool:
Definately the celeb life for me!!! :swhistle:

So the journey to Seoul was fab – comfy, a sleep, so only really watched one film … food and service were great too!

Seoul Incheon International is a very big airport – but there didn’t seem to be many planes there …
spent the 3 hours in the lounge (not quite so cosy and calm) before boarding the plane to Auckland :fly:

Sadly it was an older model so no bed – and I wasn’t able to get as comfy – so watched more films on that leg … and of course the excitement started to kick in …:wink:
Kept checking on progress of flight – we seemed to be stuck at around 5 hours away for ages:doh: … didn’t fly over Aus this time … and it was dark outside much longer – even when I knew the time in Auckland was 8 a.m. – still by the time they served breakkie we were in bright blue skies (I sneaked up the screen to re adjust my body clock – I read somewhere that when daylight hits your eyes it does that!!)

As we approached NZ it was very easy to see why its known as The Land of The Long White Cloud – all light and fluffy…

as we flew over Auckland itself I was able to pick out things I’d seen on my last trip (ever the Geographer!!!!) – we did a big loop so we flew over Flynn St …. :chuckle:

Passed through immigration like a dream – obviously the memo got lost – the one saying don’t make it too easy for her :razz: A very nice man welcomed me to the country and wished me lots of luck :lucky:

Then was the bit I hate – the baggage carousel – :pray: thats where Captain Paranoia really starts to shout down my ear …

But Mega case was about the fourth piece through :shock: – then it was a short walk through the ‘MAF’ nothing to declare and through the doors ….
And …. :cupidbow::squeeze: :kiss: :winking:

I was actually the first one through too …

It was a glorious day too weather wise …

I’ll fill you in on the next bit later – but for now need a drink – body clock didn’t quite get the message – think it thinks I don’t need any sleep :yawn: but I am hungry :hungry:

:bye: for now

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