Happy New Year!!!!

98 days and counting ….

Welcome to 2006 ( the Year of MnM!)

Well I slept the New Year in … was woken by the fireworks outside and my first text of ’06 (Well done Jane for beating the blocked up phone system!)
Spent the first day of the new year with the Smarts – my two favorite blond bombshells and the blessed K&J.
Champagne …for everyone!
Managed to lose 2 games of Cluedo – well its been a long time – like the new figures they have to represent the characters – I was Mrs Peacock (Wife of Captain?) … and just generally had a good laugh and relax …

Am a bit put out in this technological world that I seem to have been cut off from my important connections … unless its cos we’ve melted the system with our texts :0)

May just have to shout a little louder to be heard!

Time for bed … as Zebdedee would say ….

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. My, my, Miss Delaney, whatever could you be counting down to?!? :-)

    And you seem to have sorted out Vodafone so that normal communications have been restored. Yay!! I’ll bet they’ll think twice before messing with Mags again!

  2. You mean Jane beat me tut tut, 98 days and counting didn’t know you could count Doris : p, well not until recently.

    Its really about time you started to learn to use Mobiles before you wear them out, like your keyboard i hear.

    But it keeps you out of mischief i hope :)

    Will be good to see you back at HH and remember smile and nod.

    Not so many late nights either, I think you know what i mean, say goodnight Doris.xxxxx

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