I had a wheelbarrow but the wheel fell off…

As well as being the title of a song currently being sung by the Wigan Fans on the terraces its how I feel at the moment … :depress:

The Curse of the Delaney’s has struck again :vgloomy:

After being all hopeful that the end was in sight came home yesterday feeling pretty rough with the lurghi as it is :flu: to find my visa application had been returned because they need a police check report which my Beloved :luvstruk: had been told we wouldn’t need at this point …
I hightailed it to the cop shop (which is only open 8am – 5 pm – crims must only work office hours in leafy Warwickshire :notme:) to get the necessary form – it takes 40 days to process :dkcloud:

That noise you can hear is me screaming … :witsend:

I’m beginning to think NZ :kiwi: doesn’t want me – what with all the faffing and name mis spelling over the qualifications and the delay over the medical and now this …
and you wonder why I’m paranoid !!!!!!! :worried:

I’ve had an even more rubbish nights sleep than usual and my head and chest hurts and yes my eyes are very red :flu:

All I want is to be with My Man :squeeze:

Is that really too much to ask for?


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