Now the dust has settled …

The story so far …
Spinster of this parish :blush: was waiting with baited breath for dashing handsome :bateyes: Kiwi ‘sailor’ :wink: to come sweep her off her feet and whisk her back to the land of his father just right of Australia (looking at a Euro centric world map fact fans!! :shock:) – however the twin demons of Red Tape and OFSECS (as they should really be called … :shock:) just wouldn’t let it lie …

So as we awaited the go ahead to :fly: to :kiwi: after delving into the operations manual :type: of the immigration service to blind them with the science of their own definitions :tlk2hand: sneaky OFSECS decided to pay a visit 1 week before freedom!! :bigshock:

Well somehow we survived the visit – living to fight another day :3noes: but with my colours nailed firmly to another mast …. :kickass:

The handsome sailor arrived :skiss: and the last week became one long round of :gloom: and :sunup: .
Final assembly came and went with no :cry:
Had fantastic party:dance: in the company of friends :dance: :checkout: and family :dance: :kissy:
A party is only as good as the people who attend – mine was fabulous!!!! :wink: :kissy:

But still Red Tape kept us waiting :nailbite: … and waiting … and waiting …

Took the Handsome Sailor :kiss: to see the sea … :sink:

We returned to find Red Tape had been busy :type: and decided


:kiwi: :support: :kiwi: :support: :kiwi:

So its all on!!!!

Took another few days for the postie to bring it but I now have in my posession :cldnine: something better than a lotto win :jackpot: (tho that would be nice) better than a golden ticket to Mr Wonka’s choccie factory :boing: …

I have my VISA!!!! :stage:

Are you ready for me NZ? :rotfl:

:bye: for now

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