Sleep is for wimps!!!

and thats why I don’t have very much!! :biglaff:

mind you have done well today – didn’t get to the computer :type: til 5 a.m.!
Got a sore throat tho :flu: so maybe the bugs have got over their jet lag now… :bug:

And just to make you all feel better it – it rained yesterday! :vgloomy:
Proving that even the Kiwi weather forecasters get it wrong as much as the Brit ones! :eyeroll::grin:

We went to visit Nan Moff and then do some grocery shopping – which was quite an experience for My Beloved :kissy: – especially as I was spending his money :shock: – can’t use mine yet til I’ve activated my account at the bank! :wink:

We also got ‘married’!!! :surprise:

Well in the eyes of the furniture world … :rotf:
in the holy temple known as Furniture City we became Mr and Mrs :winking: – I’m assured its legal, binding and fully affiliated with The Vatican – plus with a money back guarentee should I not be satisfied … :devilish: – and whats more there wasn’t a merengue (sp?) frock or flake of confetti in sight! :rotfl:

You may be pausing now to wipe the screen as some of you may have spat coffee (or tea or beverage of choice!!! :grin: ) at it !!!!!! especially My Beloved :squeeze: :biglaff:

Don’t worry won’t deprive anyone out there the opportunity to sit in a hat should I get presented with a ‘ring pull’ ( – or are we going with the tin foil version My Darling? :lol: :wink: :kiss:)

I know I’m almost back to normal as I was shouting at the radio yesterday :ranting: there was a sports talk back discussing the NZ GB RL test match (I got to ‘hear’ it on Sky! Complete with Heavo and Steaddie!!! No picture just sound!!!! :smug:) They don’t half take it seriously here – not as serious as onion but by jiminy – but what made me laugh (and shout) the most was the way they were hailing the GB players – (apart from Big Ade who has a price on his head down here!!! :shock:) – as being wonderful – the same ones we slate during the normal SL season!! I became very convinced the presenter had never watched a game of league in his life!!!

I think I may have to do some very serious missionary work!!!! :hehe: Where’s Deano’s phone number :callme:

:bye: for now

G’day from Sunny Auckland!

:kiwi: :dance: :kiwi: :dance: :kiwi:

Yes I’m here!!!!!!! :salljump:

arrived safely 10.46 a.m Thursday 25th October 2007 – to brilliant blue skies and sunshine!
(and a rather gorgous man!! :kissy: )

It was the end of a l-o-n-g journey that began way way back in January …

Didn’t leave the UK :british: without a hitch though :eyeroll: that wouldbeen too easy!

We left for Heathrow with plenty of time – only to be turffed off the Tube at Acton Town and told to get on another line for a couple of stops and then the Heathrow Connect train because of a security alert! :worried:

So me and backpack, my dad with my mega case which has been packed – unpacked- repacked etc etc hundreds of times in last 2 weeks cos I was paranoid I wouldn’t fit everything in, two sisters , a neice and a pushchair all got off (with the other couple of hundred people!) the tube to stand and wait for the connecting train which was then so mega packed there was no way anyone could move easily – so much so that the announcement ‘Please have your tickets ready for inspection’ was greeted with laughter … they don’t employ people who can levitate in the British transport industry!!! :smug:
I guess it was just their way of saying ‘goodbye’ after giving me a treat last Saturday!!!:tlk2hand:

Any hoo – the clock was ticking – had to book in by 7.30 p.m. – at 7.29 p.m. I was sticking my mega case on the scales :shock: (If all had gone to plan we would have been there with time to spare for a drink!)
Very ‘nice’ man booked me in – two window seats (and my 27kg case!!! Even travelling business I have to push it almost to the limit!!!!!)

We then looked at the queue to go through security :eek: almost stretched back to central London!!! Even the fasttrack one for peeps like me – so decided to join it which meant farewells were shorter … which was possibly no bad thing … or I might not be here now typing this :type:

Was thoroughly checked – my bargain plastic ‘airbag’ for carrying the ‘liquids’ was brill – even went through gate without it buzzing – which for me is a first! :shock: (Maybe they’d heard about me and my boots in Poland!!! :lol: ) – but they are getting canny – just when you think the duty free shops are within your reach you get stopped again ! To take your shoes off to be checked!!!:???:
(and the opportunity to stand on something that hurt your foot – dunno what it was but luckily for them won’t be suing this time!! :twisted:)

Then it was hey lads hey to the ‘lounge’ which after all the hustle and bustle of the previous 3 hours was an oasis of calm :wbigsigh:

Nice cool drink – a few texts – then it was up to the departure gate and onboard …

I had a bed!!! :thumbsup: (well a seat that converted into one! :lol:)
and I was upstairs!!!! – and at the front !!!!!!! :scool:
Definately the celeb life for me!!! :swhistle:

So the journey to Seoul was fab – comfy, a sleep, so only really watched one film … food and service were great too!

Seoul Incheon International is a very big airport – but there didn’t seem to be many planes there …
spent the 3 hours in the lounge (not quite so cosy and calm) before boarding the plane to Auckland :fly:

Sadly it was an older model so no bed – and I wasn’t able to get as comfy – so watched more films on that leg … and of course the excitement started to kick in …:wink:
Kept checking on progress of flight – we seemed to be stuck at around 5 hours away for ages:doh: … didn’t fly over Aus this time … and it was dark outside much longer – even when I knew the time in Auckland was 8 a.m. – still by the time they served breakkie we were in bright blue skies (I sneaked up the screen to re adjust my body clock – I read somewhere that when daylight hits your eyes it does that!!)

As we approached NZ it was very easy to see why its known as The Land of The Long White Cloud – all light and fluffy…

as we flew over Auckland itself I was able to pick out things I’d seen on my last trip (ever the Geographer!!!!) – we did a big loop so we flew over Flynn St …. :chuckle:

Passed through immigration like a dream – obviously the memo got lost – the one saying don’t make it too easy for her :razz: A very nice man welcomed me to the country and wished me lots of luck :lucky:

Then was the bit I hate – the baggage carousel – :pray: thats where Captain Paranoia really starts to shout down my ear …

But Mega case was about the fourth piece through :shock: – then it was a short walk through the ‘MAF’ nothing to declare and through the doors ….
And …. :cupidbow::squeeze: :kiss: :winking:

I was actually the first one through too …

It was a glorious day too weather wise …

I’ll fill you in on the next bit later – but for now need a drink – body clock didn’t quite get the message – think it thinks I don’t need any sleep :yawn: but I am hungry :hungry:

:bye: for now

And away we go….

Logging in from the first stop on my journey to paradise :kiss:
Its been quite a week and a bit from the emptying of the house :silly: to the sale finally going through :jackpot: to the innumerable variations on packing and extra packages being sent over :blush:

Sitting on the train yesterday – I decided to travel First class :shock: because I needed the space to put my luggage! – it all felt surreal :confused:
Its actually happening …
I had a lovely send off :british: :support: felt like a celeb …

The fact you get free refreshments brought to your seat and that the ticket man didn’t come to check the ticket so I wasn’t given the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ it more than made up for the last few journey’s to London I’ve done when I’ve either had to stand up or perch on my case or even sit on the floor!!! :shock:

I may literally be the other side of the world :kiwi: but all this technology will make it seem as if I’m still there – can’t get rid of me that easily! :lol:

Just need to repack my case – again :roflma: and then its off to the airport Tuesday :fly:
:bye: for now

The Final Countdown ….

No not to the Grand Final at Old Trafford which could have featured the team which made the ‘greatest comeback in sporting history’! :support: instead of the same old same old :yawn: (I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time Rob – just don’t forget to wear your protective gear – and plastic bags for your feet – brave man entering enemy territory :wink: :lol:

No not to the semi final that shouldn’t have been – how DID the AB’s lose????? :confused:
Mind you if the anchor man on the TV so much as whispers ‘Cry God for Jonny and St George’ during another completely cringe worthy jingoistic commentary:witsend: (yes I know its against the French – but the ‘RaRa Rule Britannia’ speil on Saturday was enough to make me want to eat snails in Garlic – and me a veggie!!!! :shock:) I won’t be responsible for my actions … :phbbt:

Mind you if Jonny keeps being a one man team that ball of his I have will be worth a packet!!! :jackpot:

Its rather more exciting than that :party: well to me at any rate! :party:

No dear reader I married him … :kissy:

SORRY came over all Jane Austen then … :daydream: :silly:

No after months of faffing in such a way that I should be Queen of Faffdom (please insert appropriate QoF smiley here!!! :grin: )
its all happening …
House completion Monday
Fly to new life October 23rd!!!! :kiwi:
:dance: :boing: :dance: :boing: :dance:


Can’t quite believe it myself :thumbsup:
But I’ve booked my ticket :fly:

And I know a very very happy man
:kiss4u: :luvstruk: :cldnine: :squeeze: :kiss:

But as you can see its not made me sleep any better ….:howl:

Perhaps thats being saved for NZ :kiwi:!!!

Or maybe any minute now I’m going to wake up in a ‘Bobby Ewing Stylee’ (that’ll test your 1980’s cultural knowledge … :thinking:
:teehee: ) and find I’ve dreamed it all up – even this website!!! :type:

:bye: for now …

Whiling the way the hours …


BORED :wbigsigh:

BORED :dunno:

Rattling around still waiting for a date to escape … :yawn: after gathering all that momentum :poke: everything has s-lo-w-e-d right down :doh:

Tomorrow I should be sat on our terrace being made a big fuss of :salljump: by My Beloved :luvstruk: instead I’ll be opening pressies over the phone waiting for the postie to arrive (hopefully!) :litlsigh:
Its bad enough turning another year older – but I was hoping for a warmer sunnier version this year!!! :party:

I’m not missing school – its just hard to entertain yourself when everyone’s at work , you can’t buy anything, and there’s nowt ont’telly :hmmph:
I’ve already read 2 of the books I’d lined up for the flight!!! :fly:

Limbo will be easy after this!!!! :angel:

In other news – my beloved Warriors :support: seemed to have cottoned on to the fact I won’t be around to watch them for much longer and have got their act together !! :support:

Was present for the last match of the season against the auld enemy :evil: I still think you have to go a long long way to beat the atmosphere for a Wigan stains derby game :brngiton: and Friday the 14th 2007 didn’t disappoint!!! :support:

And I had a front row seat for it all … and verily it was good to watch :boing:
Almost the legendary Murrayfield 21 – 12 scoreline (it was 20 -12) – it was a very nice farewell to the JJB pressie for me from Nobby and the boys :ta: added to by the presence of the Great Billy Boston :worship: the return of Kelvin the Gorilla (the lucky :lucky: mascot) and a half time appearence by my first RL ‘crush’ :bateyes: (yes there was one before Mr Radlinski :blush:) Gary ‘Kylie’ :dance: Connolly was there to make the half time draw – he didn’t pull out my number tho :teehee:
No someone else has already got that :wink: :kiss:

The victory meant that Wigan were in the playoffs for the first time in 3 years (remember we just escaped relegation last season!!! And they tried to make it happen again this one … do keep up!!! :lol: )
So Friday 21st saw a trip to Bradford – no one realistically raising their hopes … :whistlen:
and the 30 – 6 scoreline half way through the 2nd half seem to suggest they were right to … :baghead:
but then – and if I hadn’t been listening to the radio I wouldn’t have believed it – the Bradford coach with perhaps one eye on the next playoff game took off some of his more influential players off … and the floodgates opened – with 4 minutes left Paaaaaaaaaaaaat Richards the winger turned FB slotted over a ‘dropper’ to bring the score to 30 – 31!!!! :shock:

Wigan nicked the game right from under Bradford’s nose infront of their home support!!! :doh:
It became a real ‘hug a stranger’ moment :grouphug: – reading the Wigan message board yesterday was excellent!!!
So the Cherry and Whites march on … with 3 very nervous coaches wondering if Nobby’s men will get their team next!!!! :wooh:

Can they go the whole hog to the final from 6th place? And then go one step further and win it? Will My Beloved :kiss4u: be in a total sate of panic :bigshock: that I may stay to see it all pan out (should the house stuff speed up and go through ….:???:)
Tune in again to find out …. :teehee:

:bye: for now

Hold the Front Page!!!!

I’ve sold my house!!!!!! :shock:
Its subject to contract of course but it only went on market last Wednesday and within a week my flight to Auckland has become more of a reality :fly: :kiwi:
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
Just need a completion date and then I can bother the airlines for a comfy seat!!! :cldnine:

So My Beloved :kiss: ‘s bachelor days are numbered!!! (as is his peace and quiet and neat and tidy home :rotf: )

At one point I thought I was never going to reach this stage in the proceedings – but the lightspeed happenings of the last 2 weeks have fair taken my breath away :happy:

I’m on the edge of a really exciting adventure … and I’m not worried or scared anymore

Don’t know how the good people of NZ feel about it !!! :ohgoon: :whistlen: :razz: :biglaff:

:bye: 4 now …

Now the dust has settled …

The story so far …
Spinster of this parish :blush: was waiting with baited breath for dashing handsome :bateyes: Kiwi ‘sailor’ :wink: to come sweep her off her feet and whisk her back to the land of his father just right of Australia (looking at a Euro centric world map fact fans!! :shock:) – however the twin demons of Red Tape and OFSECS (as they should really be called … :shock:) just wouldn’t let it lie …

So as we awaited the go ahead to :fly: to :kiwi: after delving into the operations manual :type: of the immigration service to blind them with the science of their own definitions :tlk2hand: sneaky OFSECS decided to pay a visit 1 week before freedom!! :bigshock:

Well somehow we survived the visit – living to fight another day :3noes: but with my colours nailed firmly to another mast …. :kickass:

The handsome sailor arrived :skiss: and the last week became one long round of :gloom: and :sunup: .
Final assembly came and went with no :cry:
Had fantastic party:dance: in the company of friends :dance: :checkout: and family :dance: :kissy:
A party is only as good as the people who attend – mine was fabulous!!!! :wink: :kissy:

But still Red Tape kept us waiting :nailbite: … and waiting … and waiting …

Took the Handsome Sailor :kiss: to see the sea … :sink:

We returned to find Red Tape had been busy :type: and decided


:kiwi: :support: :kiwi: :support: :kiwi:

So its all on!!!!

Took another few days for the postie to bring it but I now have in my posession :cldnine: something better than a lotto win :jackpot: (tho that would be nice) better than a golden ticket to Mr Wonka’s choccie factory :boing: …

I have my VISA!!!! :stage:

Are you ready for me NZ? :rotfl:

:bye: for now

A REAL Honour


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

recognition in Queenie’s birthday honours for someone who I have always admired – his temperament, attitude and committment is something oh so rare these days – the kind of sporting role model you wish more kids would follow – as well as being a thoroughly nice guy (and cute! but not as cute as My Beloved obviously !!) as well :wink:

The brightest piece of news this week …

still waiting for the red tape to unravel … had flash floods yesterday (a months rain in about ten minutes it seems!!) but hh still stands :depress: – though the rain did get in in some new places but not enough to prevent next weeks visitation by people with clip boards :beam:

I wanted the end of my teaching career to be a happy experience :teach: doing the things I love like :wills: and :romeo: and :stage: … but instead I’m working harder than I’ve ever done doing the job of 3 (at least!!!) for a boss who won’t wake up and smell the :coffee: and deal with the weakest links while he has the chance … please can I have an ostrich ‘smilie’? cos thats him!!!!!!

Sorry taking a breath … promise …

The romantic plans of being swept away to NZ :kiwi: in the arms of My Beloved :kiss: have crashed and burned :waaahh: – but he’s still coming over – to stop me giving the boss a ‘leaving pressie’ :beatup: and a few others a piece of my mind :angry: …
So only another 4 and a bit weeks til I get a ‘Murraycuddle’ (TM) :squeeze: and then hopefully I’ll be following him back in a few weeks …

Party has been organised tho :dance: by My Littlest Little Sis :applause: Ta Chuck!
I just want fizzy wine and dancing … :2drunk:

* (of course you know what MBE stands for … Mags Best ‘Ero !!! :biglaff: )

:bye: 4 now

I had a wheelbarrow but the wheel fell off…

As well as being the title of a song currently being sung by the Wigan Fans on the terraces its how I feel at the moment … :depress:

The Curse of the Delaney’s has struck again :vgloomy:

After being all hopeful that the end was in sight came home yesterday feeling pretty rough with the lurghi as it is :flu: to find my visa application had been returned because they need a police check report which my Beloved :luvstruk: had been told we wouldn’t need at this point …
I hightailed it to the cop shop (which is only open 8am – 5 pm – crims must only work office hours in leafy Warwickshire :notme:) to get the necessary form – it takes 40 days to process :dkcloud:

That noise you can hear is me screaming … :witsend:

I’m beginning to think NZ :kiwi: doesn’t want me – what with all the faffing and name mis spelling over the qualifications and the delay over the medical and now this …
and you wonder why I’m paranoid !!!!!!! :worried:

I’ve had an even more rubbish nights sleep than usual and my head and chest hurts and yes my eyes are very red :flu:

All I want is to be with My Man :squeeze:

Is that really too much to ask for?


A chink of light at the end of the tunnel…

Well there has been some movement in my quest to go sit on the deck of the Passion Palace :daydream: My Beloved :luvstruk: has aqcuired for us :thumbsup:

All my info is now on its way to Immigration NZ at NZ House in London :kiwi:
:pray: Please look kindly on it and clear the way for me to go make fried bread for My Darling :hungry: …….. :pray:

My qualification verification came through too – but my name was spelt wrongly so that’s had to go back ….:noway:

I’ve got some boxes to start packing – not a job I’m looking forward to – its going to be so hard to decide what to leave … but rest assured nothing cute, cuddly or furry will be left behind :biggrin: (Even though I’m going to the Cutest Cuddliest Furriest (unless he’s had a shave! :wink: ) of them all … :kissy: )

Its a Bank Holiday Weekend – so its an extra day without the dear children :dance: but still plenty to do – and its not as if the weather is providing an excuse not to get stuck in – need to keep moving to keep warm!!! :confused:

Not mentioning the rugby – I think I’m the jinx this year – I’ve only seen 2 televised games and we’ve lost both :evil: but we are in a much better position than we were this time last year …

Right time for some Corri before My Beloved rings :phone: :ilove: :kiss4u: :squeeze:

:bye: 4 now :wave: