Sleep is for wimps!!!

and thats why I don’t have very much!! :biglaff:

mind you have done well today – didn’t get to the computer :type: til 5 a.m.!
Got a sore throat tho :flu: so maybe the bugs have got over their jet lag now… :bug:

And just to make you all feel better it – it rained yesterday! :vgloomy:
Proving that even the Kiwi weather forecasters get it wrong as much as the Brit ones! :eyeroll::grin:

We went to visit Nan Moff and then do some grocery shopping – which was quite an experience for My Beloved :kissy: – especially as I was spending his money :shock: – can’t use mine yet til I’ve activated my account at the bank! :wink:

We also got ‘married’!!! :surprise:

Well in the eyes of the furniture world … :rotf:
in the holy temple known as Furniture City we became Mr and Mrs :winking: – I’m assured its legal, binding and fully affiliated with The Vatican – plus with a money back guarentee should I not be satisfied … :devilish: – and whats more there wasn’t a merengue (sp?) frock or flake of confetti in sight! :rotfl:

You may be pausing now to wipe the screen as some of you may have spat coffee (or tea or beverage of choice!!! :grin: ) at it !!!!!! especially My Beloved :squeeze: :biglaff:

Don’t worry won’t deprive anyone out there the opportunity to sit in a hat should I get presented with a ‘ring pull’ ( – or are we going with the tin foil version My Darling? :lol: :wink: :kiss:)

I know I’m almost back to normal as I was shouting at the radio yesterday :ranting: there was a sports talk back discussing the NZ GB RL test match (I got to ‘hear’ it on Sky! Complete with Heavo and Steaddie!!! No picture just sound!!!! :smug:) They don’t half take it seriously here – not as serious as onion but by jiminy – but what made me laugh (and shout) the most was the way they were hailing the GB players – (apart from Big Ade who has a price on his head down here!!! :shock:) – as being wonderful – the same ones we slate during the normal SL season!! I became very convinced the presenter had never watched a game of league in his life!!!

I think I may have to do some very serious missionary work!!!! :hehe: Where’s Deano’s phone number :callme:

:bye: for now