The Final Countdown ….

No not to the Grand Final at Old Trafford which could have featured the team which made the ‘greatest comeback in sporting history’! :support: instead of the same old same old :yawn: (I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time Rob – just don’t forget to wear your protective gear – and plastic bags for your feet – brave man entering enemy territory :wink: :lol:

No not to the semi final that shouldn’t have been – how DID the AB’s lose????? :confused:
Mind you if the anchor man on the TV so much as whispers ‘Cry God for Jonny and St George’ during another completely cringe worthy jingoistic commentary:witsend: (yes I know its against the French – but the ‘RaRa Rule Britannia’ speil on Saturday was enough to make me want to eat snails in Garlic – and me a veggie!!!! :shock:) I won’t be responsible for my actions … :phbbt:

Mind you if Jonny keeps being a one man team that ball of his I have will be worth a packet!!! :jackpot:

Its rather more exciting than that :party: well to me at any rate! :party:

No dear reader I married him … :kissy:

SORRY came over all Jane Austen then … :daydream: :silly:

No after months of faffing in such a way that I should be Queen of Faffdom (please insert appropriate QoF smiley here!!! :grin: )
its all happening …
House completion Monday
Fly to new life October 23rd!!!! :kiwi:
:dance: :boing: :dance: :boing: :dance:


Can’t quite believe it myself :thumbsup:
But I’ve booked my ticket :fly:

And I know a very very happy man
:kiss4u: :luvstruk: :cldnine: :squeeze: :kiss:

But as you can see its not made me sleep any better ….:howl:

Perhaps thats being saved for NZ :kiwi:!!!

Or maybe any minute now I’m going to wake up in a ‘Bobby Ewing Stylee’ (that’ll test your 1980’s cultural knowledge … :thinking:
:teehee: ) and find I’ve dreamed it all up – even this website!!! :type:

:bye: for now …

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