Whiling the way the hours …


BORED :wbigsigh:

BORED :dunno:

Rattling around still waiting for a date to escape … :yawn: after gathering all that momentum :poke: everything has s-lo-w-e-d right down :doh:

Tomorrow I should be sat on our terrace being made a big fuss of :salljump: by My Beloved :luvstruk: instead I’ll be opening pressies over the phone waiting for the postie to arrive (hopefully!) :litlsigh:
Its bad enough turning another year older – but I was hoping for a warmer sunnier version this year!!! :party:

I’m not missing school – its just hard to entertain yourself when everyone’s at work , you can’t buy anything, and there’s nowt ont’telly :hmmph:
I’ve already read 2 of the books I’d lined up for the flight!!! :fly:

Limbo will be easy after this!!!! :angel:

In other news – my beloved Warriors :support: seemed to have cottoned on to the fact I won’t be around to watch them for much longer and have got their act together !! :support:

Was present for the last match of the season against the auld enemy :evil: I still think you have to go a long long way to beat the atmosphere for a Wigan stains derby game :brngiton: and Friday the 14th 2007 didn’t disappoint!!! :support:

And I had a front row seat for it all … and verily it was good to watch :boing:
Almost the legendary Murrayfield 21 – 12 scoreline (it was 20 -12) – it was a very nice farewell to the JJB pressie for me from Nobby and the boys :ta: added to by the presence of the Great Billy Boston :worship: the return of Kelvin the Gorilla (the lucky :lucky: mascot) and a half time appearence by my first RL ‘crush’ :bateyes: (yes there was one before Mr Radlinski :blush:) Gary ‘Kylie’ :dance: Connolly was there to make the half time draw – he didn’t pull out my number tho :teehee:
No someone else has already got that :wink: :kiss:

The victory meant that Wigan were in the playoffs for the first time in 3 years (remember we just escaped relegation last season!!! And they tried to make it happen again this one … do keep up!!! :lol: )
So Friday 21st saw a trip to Bradford – no one realistically raising their hopes … :whistlen:
and the 30 – 6 scoreline half way through the 2nd half seem to suggest they were right to … :baghead:
but then – and if I hadn’t been listening to the radio I wouldn’t have believed it – the Bradford coach with perhaps one eye on the next playoff game took off some of his more influential players off … and the floodgates opened – with 4 minutes left Paaaaaaaaaaaaat Richards the winger turned FB slotted over a ‘dropper’ to bring the score to 30 – 31!!!! :shock:

Wigan nicked the game right from under Bradford’s nose infront of their home support!!! :doh:
It became a real ‘hug a stranger’ moment :grouphug: – reading the Wigan message board yesterday was excellent!!!
So the Cherry and Whites march on … with 3 very nervous coaches wondering if Nobby’s men will get their team next!!!! :wooh:

Can they go the whole hog to the final from 6th place? And then go one step further and win it? Will My Beloved :kiss4u: be in a total sate of panic :bigshock: that I may stay to see it all pan out (should the house stuff speed up and go through ….:???:)
Tune in again to find out …. :teehee:

:bye: for now

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